Skills 2020

Our strategy is based on having the best people in the right roles and aligning them effectively with our clients and our supply chain network.

With foresight we also recognise that businesses face challenges from skills shortages and we don't take any challenge for granted.

It was against this backdrop that in 2010 we launched Skills 2020, an integrated skills and education strategy involving our entire business over the next 10 years. This is already helping us shape our existing team to meet today and tomorrow's client needs and has seen us successfully introduce an apprenticeship programme in 2010.

In 2013 we also launched an exciting new graduate apprentice scheme which operates in parallel with the apprentice scheme we already have in place for school leavers. This will support the controlled expansion of our business and these changes are therefore firmly rooted in generating engineering and service excellence for our clients.

These key steps are fundamental to helping us meet the challenge of achieving coverage throughout our existing and target territories. Supporting our controlled expansion programme, offering alternative services to our clients and providing career opportunities to all our employees.

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